ConceptClang Team

ConceptClang is being developed at the Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies, (CREST) of Indiana University, led by Dr. Andrew Lumsdaine.

Its Palo Alto instantiation is the result of a joint effort with the ConceptCPP effort, whose participants are listed below.

Larisse Voufo is the primary developer of ConceptClang. Larisse is a PhD student at the CREST center, working as a research assistant. Questions about ConceptClang should be directed to Larisse at lvoufo at cs dot indiana dot edu.
Marcin Zalewski is a post-doctoral researcher at the CREST center. His interests include various aspects of generic programming and meta-programming. Questions about ConceptClang can also be directed to Marcin at zalewski at osl dot iu dot edu.
Andrew Lumsdaine leads the CREST center, which is responsible for the development of ConceptClang, ConceptGCC, and much of ConceptC++. Andrew leads many research and software development efforts centered around Generic Programming and high-performance scientific computing.
Jeremiah Willcock is a post-doctoral researcher at the CREST center. Jeremiah was responsible for developing many of the concepts used in ConceptGCC's standard library, and that ConceptClang hopes to easily inherit once ready.


Palo Alto design -- Participants

  • Ryan Ernst,, Inc.
  • Anil Gangolli,, Inc.
  • Jon Kalb,, Inc.
  • Andrew Lumsdaine, Indiana University
  • Paul McJones, independent
  • Sean Parent, Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • Dan Rose,, Inc.
  • Alex Stepanov,, Inc.
  • Bjarne Stroustrup, Texas A&M University
  • Andrew Sutton, Texas A&M University
  • Larisse Voufo, Indiana University
  • Jeremiah Willcock, Indiana University
  • Marcin Zalewski, Indiana University