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Bug fixes for MTL 2.1.2-21


Bug fixes for MTL 2.1.2-20

Special thanks go to those contributors: We appreciate your contributions! MTL users appreciate your contributions!

Bug/Contribution description Fix(es) Contributed by Date reported
MS Visual C++ 7 (.NET) workaround (not verified yet) Bryan LeppardFeb 26 2002
MTL compiles and runs fine on OSF1 V4.0f 1229 alpha using DEC's CXX compiler with flags -D__USE_STD_IOSTREAM -lm -lcxxstd None Parag MallicFeb 1 2002
Memory leak in refcnt_ptr when it is initialized with a null pointer and is assigned with another refcnt_ptr object. mtl/refcnt_ptr.h Stanley MroseNov 18 2001
The operator[] of iterator of oned_part return value-type, not a reference type. mtl/oned_part.h Carl R. WittyNov 15 2001
Testing script failed on some Linux distribution/td> Change make to make -s in test/bin/ click here for the updated one Demian M. Nave Nov 15 2001
dens2D matrix with a default constructor resize crash mtl/dense2D.h Axel Roebel Nov 12 2001
mtl::ele_mult() for matrices mtl/mtl.h Patrice Tisserand Nov 11 2001
mtl::set function in Visual C++ only Change it to mtl::set_value() with the same arguments   Nov 11 2001
MTL to lapackmtl/mtl2lapack.h
New example
  Nov 8 2001
The column_matrix resizemtl/matrix_implementation.hAxel RoebelNov 8 2001
Configure script problem when install MTL with lapack support on RedHat 7.2 configure script   Nov 8 2001

We have verified all contributions and incorporated them into CVS unless we have expilictly mentioned we have not verified the constribution yet.

Bug fixes for old MTL release
  • Paul C. Leopardi - tri_solve()
  • Pierre Genilloud - memory leak in vector handle.
  • Valient Gough - lu_solve(), lu_invert()

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