Current Fab Lab Projects

PXRT Quadcopter

This NSF funded and student run project will serve as a proof of concept of multicore technology in autonomous vehicles. The autonomous quadcopter in production is to be a testbed for verification of real-time control algorithms associated with the NSF sponsored PXRT (real-time ParalleX extensions) project. The copter is designed by students using SolidWorks software and is assembled from parts made in the fabrication lab using a CNC mill and router, 3D printer, and miscellaneous tools. The non-electronic parts of the copter are entirely built and designed by students, as are some of the electronics. On-board the copter is an Arduino and Jetson board. The copter can at-present be flown remotely, and autonomous software is in production and testing. As well as the physical copter, simulation using PyQuadSim is conducted and run with software developed in-house.

Stradivarius Guitar

Using 3D software and refining algorithms, a Stardivarius guitar is being analyzed and recreated. Stradivarius guitars are hand-shaped and, as a result, irregular. Using a depth-map of a Stradivarius guitar, students are recreating the guitar in modeling software and building it using a CNC router to cut and shape the parts.