DASHMM 1.1.0

DASHMM 1.1.0 has been released. This marks a minor upgrade from version 1.0.0. Please visit Get DASHMM to download this version and the latest documentation.


DASHMM is an easy-to-use, general library providing parallelized multipole methods. The library comes with built-in kernels (Laplace and Yukawa) and methods (Barnes-Hut, Fast Multipole Method, Fast Multipole Method with merge-and-shift, and Direct summation), but can be extended to perform user-defined methods and compute for user-defined kernels. The distributed operation of the library has been tested on thousands of cores, giving correct and scalable results.

Release Notes

The following changes have occurred between version 1.0.0 and this version:

  • Array methods now return the same values on all localities.
  • Memory use improvements to Array.
  • Memory use improvements to ExpansionLCO.
  • Various minor bug fixes.